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applyI was interviewing the other day again and I really noticed a difference between the people I met: some were happy, others nervous/scared.

Why you need to enjoy the interview

In the end you will do so much better in interviews – both in terms of getting to the “right” answer and in terms of making a personal connection with the interviewer – if you are happy and enjoy yourself. People who are very apprehensive, nervous and clearly don’t enjoy the interview very rarely do well. The interview is often a mini-preview of the job at stake – you meet people you will work with, you discuss work related topics etc. If you are nervous and apprehensive about that, then why would the interviewer expect you to do any better in the actual job. Also, your personal emotional state is often reflected in your body language, choice of words etc and it will rub-off. Unless your interviewer is some sort of sadist, you will create a negative impression of you are apprehensive and nervous. If you enjoy yourself, you will likely be able to create some sense of goodwill on the side of the interviewer … and when push comes to shove, interviewers will favor people they like.

How to enjoy your interview

This is easier said then done, I know, but for myself I have learned to enjoy being interviewed. I view the interview as a challenge I want to crack, a record I want to beat or a person I want to win over. I don’t see it as some sort of life and death judgement or the one pivotal moment in life where I better not screw up.  By thinking about interviews in that way, you can avoid negative connotations – remember life will go on even if you screw up, so you might as well enjoy it.

Next, tune yourself to think positively about interviews. Whenever you catch yourself down, worried or nervous in anticipation of an interview, remind yourself to think positive and reiterate the points above.

Before the interview, get pumped about the interview – force yourself to look forward to it, even listen to upbeat music on your way to the interview.

Then in the interview, just write the word “fun” in small letters at the top of the notebook – that will help remind yourself to have fun and enjoy the interview.

Good luck!

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