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Keep your resume clean!

spotToday I came across a resume that was, let’s say – fru fru:  a rather expressive use of fancy fonts making it rather artistic but very hard to read.

Keep it readable

The main purpose of the resume is the highlight your experience and main selling points.  It will only be given a few seconds of attention, and needs to speed-readable – the reader needs to see the most critical points in just a few glances. If you obscure the key points with fancy fonts or graphics, or draw the readers eyes away from what matters, your message will not get across.  Stick to tried and true fonts – Arial, Times New Roman etc., and avoid fancy gimmicks that make your resume difficult to read. That said, don’t be sloppy and careless – make your resume look sharp, but keep it laser-focused on readability.

Keep it short

The more resumes I see, the more I believe in this – your resume should only be one page. Especially older candidates are obsessed with chronicling and detailing every aspect of their careers on their resume, ending up with multi-page works of art. Long, multi-page resumes are not power-readable. Most readers won’t even look at the second page. If you can’t say it on one page, its probably not worth saying. Work to take out any redundancy, anything that doesn’t tell the message you are trying to convey and anything that distracts the reader.

Good luck!

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