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About CareerAde

CareerAde aims to provide a comprehensive tool-kit for people looking for jobs. We aim to address every aspect of a typical job search – from beginning to end – and provide helpful, hard-hitting advice that you can use.

Not all advice will be useful to everyone in every situation, but we do hope that everyone will be able to find something of use.

The main thrust of the site will be towards helping folks in the US looking for salaried, “white-collar” type jobs, but we think that much of the advice we provide is universal and helpful regardless of what job you are looking for.

About the author

The author of this website, prefers to remain anonymous to not mix his day job with his moon-light endeavor. He is however very experienced in the job search field, both as job seeker and as recruiter / hiring manager. In particular in his role as recruiter, he has interviewed more than 100 candidates personally, screened many more resumes. He has negotiated salaries, stock options and employment terms from both sides of the table. He is a successful professional with an MBA from a top school and engineering degree from another.

So why are you wasting time on this website – what’s in it for you? Well, a.) blogging has interested me for a while and I wanted to see if I would enjoy it and if I could use it to generate some extra income, b.) as a recruiter, I am frustrated with the mistakes many interviewees make, and would like to use this platform to help remedy that problem, c.) this sure beats watching TV and is a nice way for me to wind down at the end of the day…

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