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Prepare is the 1st step in the CareerAde Method. Here you define what you actually want to get of the job search. You answer the big question “What do I want to do when I grow up” and how to get there. Ideally this is a step you only have to undertake once or twice in your life – figure out a good plan and stick with it. But sometimes life throws you a curveball, for example your career becomes obsolete or you realize you don’t like what you thought you’d like, and you have to go through the process again. The most important thing is that you DO go through this step and figure out what you want. There is nothing worse than picking the next best thing or doing something because your best friend is doing it, and then 5 years later figure out that “it” does not make you happy.

There are two parts to the Prepare step. 1st you need to determine your goals, then you need to identify the career that enables you to achieve your goals.

Set goals

Setting goals is about figuring out what you want in life in terms of lifestyle, income and how you want to spend your day.

In terms of lifestyle, you might for example say that you want tons of free time so you can focus on raising a family and being able to attend every little league game, or on the other end of the spectrum you might say that you are willing to work real hard and sacrifice personal time if that helps you fulfill other goals.

In regard to income, how much do you need to earn to lead the life you want?

Finally, how do you want to spend you day – indoor vs. outdoors? working with people or on your own? travel or stay local? have predictable days or do something new and exciting every day? lead people or follow? etc.

Generally you will need to be realistic and expect trade-offs. You cannot expect to earn an outrageous salary and only work 5 hours a week, while having a very stimulating job that is never stressful.

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Identify career

Now that you have set your goals in terms of lifestyle, income and how to spend your day, you need to determine which careers would enable you do so. For example, if two of your major goals are to work with kids and to make a difference, a potential career would be to become a high-school teacher. We will introduce several rigorous approaches and toolkits to help you identify your career options. You will need to marry your goals with both your education and talents to come up with realistic options. However, you may end up needing to make compromises as you may not be able to fulfill all your goals at the same time.

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