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Spot opportunities is the 2nd step of the CareerAde Method. Now that you figured out what your goals are, and what career would allow you to meet those goals, it is time to find opportunities to enter that career. At the end of this step you will have identified specific job openings or other entry points into the career of your choice.

We think that there are three parts to the Spot Opportunities step. 1st you need to design a system search, 2nd you need to develop the tools and materials required for your job search, and finally you need to actually go and execute – find specific opportunities.

Design search

Here you sit down and make a plan for how to actually conduct your job search: what to do, how to do it and when. There are a wide range of tactics you can use to identify opportunities, some are passive like posting your resume on a web site, others active like going out and talking to friends and contacts who work in the industries you are interested in. We will discuss how to choose the most relevant tactics for your situation and then how to make a plan when to do what.

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Develop tools

Before you jump in and actually execute your opportunity search, you need to have a couple of critical tools in hand. If you think about it, you are becoming a sales person marketing one product – yourself. Like every good marketing campaign you need to develop marketing tools: ads, product descriptions, a coherent story and sales pitch etc.

Specifically we think you as a job searcher should think about developing the following items depending on your situation:

  • Pitch:  your cohesive story why you should be hired
  • Talking points: key points to allow you to bring across your pitch
  • Elevator pitch: the short version of your pitch that you can tell a recruiter or contact to get them excited about you in less than 60 seconds
  • Resume: a paper description of your personal story
  • Cover letter: a paper version of your elevator pitch
  • Other
    • Business cards
    • Wardrobe

In our blog posts, we will talk at length about each of these tools and how you should think about them.

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Execute search

Here you take the tools you just developed and go and execute your job search plan. This is relatively self explanatory, but we will provide specific tips and tricks how to succeed at each of the tactics mentioned above

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