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This is the third step of the CareerAde Method. Here you target the specific job openings you identified in the Spot Opportunities step. We will discuss how you succeed at the application process and end up with an offer you hopefully like.

We think there are they main elements to this step. First you need to apply to specific opportunities, then you need to interview and finally – once you have an offer on the table – you need to negotiate.


Applying to a job sounds fairly straightforward, but there are many elements you need to consider. When should you apply, to whom should you send your application, what format should you use (e.g. cover letter or no?), what do you need to include in your application? Most importantly you need to figure out what story your overall application (letter, resume and interview) will need to tell. Even within the same industry, different job openings will require you to emphasize different elements of your personal marketing message. Figuring out what you should communicate and how will be a major focus of this topic.

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After you have submitted a strong and relevant application you will  hopefully be invited to interview. Here we will discuss different interviewing preparation strategies – what you need to do before the interview- and interviewing techniques – what you need to do during the interview.  We will discuss best practices that will allow you do ace the interview process and allow you to win job offers.

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At this point you will hopefully have received one multiple offers. In some cases, the offer will be good but not great and you will want to negotiate. Negotiations are not just about money. They can also be about the job role, your future prospects, e.g. promotion timing, benefits and job expectations, e.g. how many days a month you may telecommute. We will discuss when and how to negotiate, how not to mess up a perfectly good job offer and in particular how to succeed in negotiating without creating resentment.

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Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, you end up without any good job offers. That is disappointing but not the end of the world. Just go back one step, and try it again: Spot Opportunities.

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