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This is the fourth step of the CareerAde Method. Here you learn how to select from the job offers you secured in the Apply & Win step. We will focus on helping you realizing which job offers suit your needs best, and then how to accept the offer and put the best foot forward at the same time.

We think there are two main elements to this step. First, choosing the best job and second, closing the deal.

Choose a job

Choosing a job is a dilemma we hope you face in your job search. Nothing is more uplifting than having multiple employers vying to be able to recruit you. But not every job pays the same, is in the same city, or has the same career path – so choosing a job can be a tough call. Often it does not just involve you but also your partner or your family since the choice can heavily impact them as well. We will discuss rigorous and practical approaches to compare job offers on an even setting, and offer simple worksheets to make the whole process simple and straight-forward.

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Close the deal

Now that you have selected the best offer it is time to close the deal with the employer. We will discuss approaches to allow you to accept the position from a position of strength that will set you up for success – without overplaying your hand. We will also address key contractual issues that you might need to consider and hash out with your future employers. We will also briefly touch on some key immigration considerations for non-nationals.

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