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Succeed is the final step in the CareerAde Method. Here you learn how to kick-off you new job in the best possible way. We will discuss how to set your self up for success in your new job and for future job searches.

Ramp up

Once you start at your new job, you will have a limited period to prove out whether your new employer was right in the decision to hire you. Think of the “what did the newly elected President accomplish in his 1st 100 days” style discussions that rage on in talk shows. Except that unlike the public with the President, an employer can take action if they have hirer’s remorse.  We will discuss specific action plans and tactics that successful people employ to chart out their 1st 30 days to 12 months at a new job. We will also discuss key mistakes to avoid and methods to help you gauge whether you are on the right track.

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Stay in the hunt

As you become established in your new career, you need to not forget that a job is not forever. Chances are that you will want or need to find a new job again … and again. So here we will discuss how you can best position yourself to stay in the hunt for a new job even if you are perfectly happy with your current employer. In fact, we would argue that you should be looking when you don’t need a new job – when you are in a position of strength – rather than when you are already on your way out or unemployed. We will discuss specific approaches to ensure you are qualified and well-positioned for future job searches and how to best stay in the loop to become aware of interesting opportunities.

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